Meet Lia & Jeremy

Lia & Jeremy from Practical Wanderlust travel blog in Brugges, Belgium.
Meet Lia & Jeremy, the owners of Practical Wanderlust. Here they are gazing lovingly at each other in Brugges, Belgium. Gross.

Hi there! We’re so flattered that you care enough about who we are to click on our self-absorbed page all about us. We won’t let you down: we absolutely love talking about ourselves.

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Lia and the most fabulous statue we've ever seen in Antwerp, Belgium.
Lia trying to be as cool as the most fabulous statue we’ve ever seen.

Meet Lia

Lia is originally from Louisville, Kentucky. She grew up on an actual farm, with horses and everything. Despite this, she has – for no good reason – always had a Californian accent. The working theory is too many hours spent watching Clueless at a young, impressionable age. At any rate, after getting her degree in fashion design & apparel merchandising from the best college ever (and spending one incredible semester working at Walt Disney World), she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, where she hopped around in various merchandising and buying roles until finally accepting that she’s actually better at computers than she ever was at clothing. Since founding her first e-commerce site and blog at age 16, she’s spent years denying her inner spreadsheet-loving, website-building nerd to no avail.

Finally, she became a Business Systems Analyst, which we’re pretty sure has something to do with computers. She did a lot of things like optimizing business processes and designing business solutions and stuff that sounds boring unless you happen to do it yourself in which case it’s actually quite fun. This was all well and good and actually very enjoyable, but then she decided to throw it all away in search of ~adventure~ and a once in a lifetime opportunity to say f*** it and travel. She hopes this isn’t the biggest mistake of her life and that somebody will one day pay her a salary to solve their business problems again when she’s done living the irresponsible life of a nomad. She would particularly like to focus on making the retail and fashion industry supply chain more transparent, humane, and environmentally sustainable… while traveling on the weekends, of course.

3 Words to Describe Lia’s Personality

  • Logical, analytical, a complete nerd, brutally and innappropriately honest, pragmatic

Lia’s Favorite Things

  • Crafting (sewing, cardmaking, scrapbooking, knitting, jewelry making, all of it)
  • Snobby coffee and overpriced artisinal boujie food
  • Making fancy lists in cute little notebooks
  • Feminism, social responsibility, and political activism
  • Makeup
  • Wearing scarves (Fact: owns more scarves than purses and shoes put together)
  • Spreadsheets
  • Karaoke (Faves to sing: CHVRCHES, Shakira, Regina Spektor, anything from Dirty Dancing) 
  • Lord of the Rings
Our rooster friend and fellow passenger on the La Balsa Border Crossing from Ecuador to Peru.
Jeremy eating ice cream next to the world’s most chill rooster while crossing the border from Ecuador into Peru. 5 minutes later, the rooster would be casually sitting next to us in the van like this was its normal everyday commute.

Meet Jeremy

Jeremy is originally from Morro Bay, California, and thus has the same Californian Valley Girl accent as Lia… only his actually makes sense. He grew up on the Central Coast with a high school that was literally on the beach. (Lia likes to describe it as the high school from The O.C.). He moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to attend art school, and graduated with a film degree, a passion for writing and directing, and a baller portfolio, which as everyone knows is the perfect formula for making cash hand over fist and becoming instantly famous. Kidding. Anyway, he did the next best thing: he became a high school teacher who writes in his “spare time.” As it turns out teaching is actually something he is as passionate about as sharing meaningful stories through writing and film, and he happily spent the last couple of years teaching at an urban high school in Oakland. He is heartbroken to leave his students, most of whom just graduated, but thrilled to watch them grow and develop into actual adults. He plans to get a Masters in education and return to teaching as soon as he’s done travelling.

3 Words to Describe Jeremy’s Personality

  •  Sassy, silly, gingerbeardy, a walking California stereotype, considerate

Jeremy’s Favorite Things

  • Irritating youths
  • Telling awful dad jokes (often to youths)
  • Dogs
  • Being the adventurous one
  • Rock climbing
  • Snobby/douchey/boujie coffee, beer, whisky, food, etc
  • Karaoke (Faves to Sing: The Black Keys, Creed in an obnoxious voice, Alt J, Macklemore)
  • Writing “make To-Do list” at the top of every To-Do list
  • Making animal friends
  • Eating ice cream
  • Harry Potter
Lia and Jeremy, the owners of, wearing obnoxiously matching outfits in front of the Quilotoa Lake in Ecuador.
Sometimes we accidentally match. And by sometimes I mean an embarrassingly frequent amount of times. We packed mostly the same clothes without realizing it. 7 months of matching outfits. Yikes.

Meet Liaremy

Yes, they combined their names. Don’t you hate these guys??  Lia and Jeremy sort of met on the internet about a year and a half before meeting in person. When they did meet up, it was sickening puppy love at first sight. Lia spent far too much time than is reasonable on a scavenger hunt for Valentine’s Day … before they were even officially together. Jeremy once hand-made a lamp shade that spelled out a sweet message backwards and could only be read by turning on the lamp and looking at the wall.  They finish each others sentences so often that they actually find it quickest to communicate by eye contact and vague hand gestures. It’s disgusting, isn’t it?

By the time they got engaged on their 1 year anniversary, it felt like they’d been together for eons, both for them and for their  many unfortunate third wheels (kidding, their friends adore them and don’t hate them at all for how mushy they are. Right, guys?!? Right?!?!?). Their wedding was in May 2016, with a ceremony in the California redwoods complete with handmade Mad Libs speeches and karaoke. A month later they sold all their stuff,  quit their jobs, founded Practical Wanderlust, and took off on a year-long adventure. They’ve been obnoxiously inseparable ever since.

3 Words Phrases to Describe Liaremy

  • Sickeningly cute, the kind of couple that makes you believe in true love and also throw up in your mouth a little at the same time, tall and clumsy (like a baby giraffe)

Liaremy’s Favorite Things

  • Travelling
  • Enabling each other’s sugar addiction
  • Stroopwafel
  • Making obnoxious observations about snobby stuff like tasting notes in fancy coffee/beer/wine/food
  • Feminism and political activism
  • Karaoke (Fave duets to sing: Home is Whenever I’m with You, I’ve Had the Time of My Life, I’ll Never Tell from Buffy)
  • Accidentally wearing matching clothing …again
  • Powerlifting and bro-ing out at the gym (complete with grunting noises, flexing selfies, and aggressive curls)
  • Taking roughly 3x longer to complete a hike than expected
  • Travel fails. This isn’t so much a favorite as just a curse that we’ve grown to accept.
Couple at Machu Picchu, Peru.
Being disgustingly adorable after our failed Machu Picchu hike in Peru.

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