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Welcome to Practical Wanderlust’s partnership page! Please allow us to shamelessly sell ourselves.

Practical Wanderlust is a budget travel blog with a twist: our readers are willing to splurge where it matters, such as on amazing food, fancy drinks, and one of a kind experiences. We dish out our detail-rich, informative travel advice alongside funny remarks, anecdotes, and yes, a bit of sass. Our style of reviewing our experiences is blunt, honest, and entertaining. And our readers love it!

Practical Wanderlust is growing quickly. Although our blog is just shy of a year old, we are currently receiving 50k monthly page views and a combined total of 13k social media followers & subscribers. Our readers are highly engaged on both our blog and our social media accounts, especially on Instagram and Pinterest. Our average engagement rate is 8%!

For more stats, please download our Media Kit!

In case you’re scrolling by and you missed that link, here it is again. Hint hint.

Practical Wanderlust Media Kit

We’d love to work with you! Here are some of the ways we can partner together:

  • FAM & Press Trips
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Sponsored Blog Posts
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Freelance Writing
  • On-Site Advertising

  • Travel Product Reviews

Have an idea you want to run by us? Curious about our rates? Please don’t hesitate to email us to inquire about our rates and partnership opportunities! You can also fill out the form below.