Holiday Gift Guide: 6 Perfect Gifts for Bloggers!

Holiday gift guide for bloggers.

It’s the holiday season, and that means one exciting thing: you can ask people to buy you stuff! YAY!! Most of my wish list is either travel or food related (or extremely boring yet practical stuff like “socks”) but there are a LOT of things I secretly wish someone would buy me to help fuel my blogging addiction.

Sure, they may not sound exciting if you’re not a blogger. Like, “hosting” versus “Stroopwafel iron?Obviously Stroopwafel irons are way sexier.

But if someone bought me hosting for Christmas? Omg.

Even if you aren’t putting these gifts on your wish list, you can put them on your OWN shopping list and treat yo’ self. Treating your blog like a business means investing in your own success. Here are some of the tools that I’ve personally invested in for Practical Wanderlust and my social media strategy site, Slaying Social!

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Email Marketing

I’m a big fan of Convert Kit, which is the email marketing software we use at both Practical Wanderlust and Slaying Social. Convert Kit is chock full of helpful features to help you nail your email list, even if you’re completely clueless when it comes to email marketing! I used Mail Chimp for a year and never sent out more then a monthly newsletter and a couple of automated series – but the minute I got Convert Kit, my email marketing game SKYROCKETED.

Imagine this: you tag a user as “donut lover” when they sign up to a form on a specific post, send them an email asking what their favorite baked goods are other than donuts, and tag them “cookies” when they click a link in THAT email. Then, you send them 2 specific, targeted emails about donuts and cookies – their favorite! Think they’re more likely to click those emails than a generic “baked goods” email? You bet. Best of all? It’s all automated!

OK, so it’s Thanksgiving, and I’m hungry. But just pretend those baked good metaphors are travel-related things (like destinations, or travel-related interests). You can imagine how powerful your emails can become. With features like visual automations, sequences, and a limitless number of tags and forms, we love the power of Convert Kit for sending well-timed, targeted content to the real people in your audience.

Cyber Monday Deal

Until Monday night at 11:59pm EST, you can click right here and sign up for ConvertKit completely for free for 30 days. ConvertKit does not typically offer a free trial, so this is huge!

Blog Hosting

Hosting is one of those things that doesn’t make the top of your Black Friday shopping list, whether because it’s kinda un-sexy or because you only have to pay for your site’s hosting once a year. But you can score some AWESOME deals on hosting during the holidays! If you’re considering switching hosts or you’re ready to commit to a long-term plan with your current host, check out the Black Friday deals to see if you can score some big savings. Our fave hosts are  SiteGround and FastComet!

Cyber Monday Deal

SiteGround is 70% off on Black Friday, and hosting plans begin at $2.95 per month.  And FastComet is 30% off on Black Friday with the code BLACK30; prices begin at $2.75 per month.

Fonts, Templates, & Design Assets

If you aren’t a designer yourself, rely on the pros and pick up some beautiful design assets to use on your blog & social media.

Creative Market is where I get all of my design assets. It’s where I got the fonts that I use for our Pinterest graphics & my logo. They sell everything from Pinterest Templates to stock photos to pre-designed graphics to gorgeous WordPress Themes! Every week, I get an email from them with the 6 freebies they offer each week – check out this week’s free goodies right here.

Cyber Monday Deal

There are a ton of Black Friday deals on Creative Market – click here to browse all of the discounted goodies!

Blog Templates

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been procrastinating on a new theme for way too long. It’s been over a year and we’re still on a free theme. Yikes. Enter ThemeForest, an awesome marketplace for thousands of blog themes! We picked up the theme for Slaying Social on ThemeForest and it felt so good to make the leap . My personal Black Friday goal is to actually buy myself the new theme I’ve been lusting over for months. If your blog could use a bit of a facelift, hop over to ThemeForest and take a look!

Cyber Monday Deal

Theme Forest and its sister site Envato are offering 50% off of 500 themes. Shop the sale or browse for themes!

Pinterest Scheduling

Tailwind is a Pinterest Scheduling tool that helps you stay constantly active on Pinterest by pre-scheduling Pins to be shared to your boards. You can schedule content from other sites to your own boards, and set your own pins to share to group boards. So your Pinterest can work for you constantly, even while you’re asleep, or shoveling turkey into your mouth. Tailwind is a huge time saver when it comes to pinning!

But that isn’t all I use Tailwind for. Tailwind Tribes are a crucial part of my Pinterest Strategy. They’re a fantastic way to get your content shared by a bunch of people just by clicking a button to share your pin to several tribes at once – much faster than Facebook Re-Pin threads or begging your friends and family to re-pin your content!

Boardbooster is my other fave Pinterest Scheduling tool. It costs 1 cent to pin 1 thing on Boardbooster, meaning you can spend as little as $5/month and cover all of your pinning needs. I rely on it to loop old content in my boards so I don’t have to constantly find brand new content to share. You can also set it to find content for your boards so you don’t have to, share your pins to group boards, and more. Sign up for a free trial and see how you like using Boardbooster!

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Social Media Strategy Course

I saved the best for last: the Slaying Social Strategy Course, which I co-created with my Slaying Social biz partner, Christina. YES YOU GUYS I WROTE A COURSE HOW EXCITING IS THAT!?!?!! Sorry, that was totes unprofesh. Ahem.

Are you tired of slaving away on social media, pouring hours into platforms that give you zero results? Maybe you feel like you’re faking it til you make it, with no actual idea of what’s working for you.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re spending a TON of time on social media and feeling totally overwhelmed.
  • You don’t have an Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook account. You’re wondering whether you need one, and you’re not really sure where to start.
  • You aren’t totally sure whether your social media channels are actually worth the time you’re spending on them.
  • You’re not even sure where your social media time is productive or you’re just like … clicking things?
  • Sometimes it hits you: it’s 2am, you’ve been on social media for the past 6 hours, and you have no idea what you’re even doing anymore. What is the point?! Who even AM I!?!?!

Deep breaths: we’ve totally been there. Welcome to the daily life of every blogger: a life filled with confusion, distraction, overwhelm and crippling caffeine dependency. 

Well, not anymore. Slaying Social Strategy is here to change all that. Well, except the caffeine dependency. We’re all just stuck with that, unfortunately.

Our ridiculously packed course was designed to kick your social media butt. No fluffy tactics, no confusing jargon – just a razor sharp focus on strategy and building one that works. Ditch the overwhelm and come out with social media clarity – that’s our promise.

The Slaying Social Strategy Course will help you…

  • Determine which social media channels are worth spending your time on
  • Allocate your time wisely to avoid social media burn-out
  • Create a rock-solid social media strategy so that the time you spend on social media is focused, strategic, and intentional
  • Spend less time on social media strategy, freeing up your 2AM existential crises for the other problems in your life 😉

Last month, we put hundreds of students through the course and were thrilled to hear overwhelming satisfaction from our inaugural class. This month, we’re stoked to roll the course out to the public – meaning you! The course usually costs $97, but through Cyber Monday, you can get it on sale for 40% off!

Cyber Monday Deal

Use the code CYBERMONDAY40 to get 40% off the Slaying Social Strategy Course! Code expires Cyber Monday at 11:59 PM.

I hope you got some goodies for your shopping list! What’s on your gift list for your blog this year? Drop me a comment below!



Disclosure: I personally recommend these tools based on my own experience. That said – some of these links are affiliate links, and I will get a small commission at no cost to you if you make a purchase through my link, which I hugely appreciate!

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