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  • 10 Tips for Soothing Your Post Disney Depression by a Former Cast Member

    You know that feeling after you return home from an amazing vacation at the Disney parks and you just feel like nothing will ever be fun again? That's Post Disney Depression. It's totally a thing, and here's how to get through it, one booze-soaked Disney movie binge-fest at a time!

    Post Disney Depression is that blue, miserable, nothing-will-ever-be-magical-again feeling you get after you leave a Disney park or cruise. Colors seem more dull. Food tastes less delicious. Nothing is sparkly or exciting. Will anything ever feel good again? Post Disney Depression hit me HARD after my glorious stint as a Walt Disney World Cast Member came to an end. I fell into one of those slumps where it’s difficult to do anything other than lay on the couch under a fluffy blanket and cry a lot and eat soup even though you’re not really sick. But I made it through, and in the meantime, I found some really creative ways to soothe my Post Disney Depression. And if I can do it you can definitely do it! Here are my Former Cast Member tips for beating the post Disney blues.