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  • Hostels in Colombia: Where to Stay … & Where NOT to Stay!

    The hostels in Colombia are some of the best in South America. But which hostels should you stay in, and which should you skip? We went backpacking in Colombia for a month. These are our best Colombian hostel recommendations.

    During our month of backpacking, we slept in a LOT of beds in Colombia, and stayed at at a LOT of different hostels. From cramped party hostels to isolated hilltop retreats, it seemed like no two hostels in Colombia were the same. To make things easier for you, dear reader, we’ve come up with the best list of hostels in Colombia: where to stay, and where NOT to stay!

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  • 30 Things Nobody Tells You About Backpacking in Colombia

    Guane on the Camino Real hike from Barichara in the Santander region near San Gil, Colombia. To get there, just take a bus from San Gil! Read all about transportation in Colombia in our guide.

    It has officially been 1 month since we took off for South America with only what we could fit in our backpacks. Our first destination? Colombia. We got a lot of weird looks when we told our friends and family we were starting in Colombia; looks that said things like “but you know there’s plenty of coke in San Francisco, right?” Well, friends and family, our month in Colombia was spent coke-free, but we did end up with a lot of questions. Like, why are the coins all random sizes? What’s tranquilo? And what’s with all the honking??

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  • How To: Self-Guided City Tour of Medellin, Colombia for Under $5

    The Medellin Metro is unusually beautiful. It’s above ground and, thanks to the hills it winds through, it offers some absolutely stunning views of the sprawling Medellin cityscape. Plus, you can get amazing views of the city from above by taking the Gondolas – they’re like an enclosed ski lift. For under $5 each, we were able to see the entire city of Medellin just by riding the rails, hopping on and off as we pleased, and taking the gondolas! Here’s how to see the city of Medellin in a day for under $5.