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  • Pinterest Makeover FAQ: But what do I DO on Pinterest?

    Pinterest Makeover FAQ: But what do I DO on Pinterest? Tips for driving traffic from Pinterest, Pinterest tips for Travel Bloggers.

    I get asked a lot of questions about Pinterest from my Pinterest Consultation clients, and I do my best to answer each one individually. But sometimes, the same questions comes up over and over again. So I’d decided to answer these frequently asked questions as part of my Pinterest Makeover Series! Because it’s educational for you, but also it saves me a lot of repetitive explaining. Today, we’re focusing on one that a lot of people wonder, but for some reason, not a lot of people want to admit to wondering: what do I DO on Pinterest? Do I just sit and wait for the traffic to roll in? What am I missing here?! Here’s everything you need to know to drive traffic to your blog from Pinterest.

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  • Pinterest Makeover: 5 Steps to a Kickass Pinterest Profile

    I started my blog less than a year ago. Now, I receive 50k page views monthly. Everyone always asks me what the secret to my success is. Perhaps they expect me to reply with some pithy answer like “follow your dreams and work hard” but can we get real? That’s useless. Can’t nobody develop a traffic-driving strategy based off of dreams. So let me be totally honest with you. The secret to my blog success is Pinterest. And I strongly feel that a kickass Pinterest profile is a necessary foundation to a highly converting, high-performing, traffic-driving Pinterest profile. It’s kind of like a house, or so I hear from people who aren’t riddled with student-loan debt (*sob*).