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  • The 3 Best Travel Pants for Women: Functional, Cute, & Field-Tested

    Travel jeans. Hiking pants. Travel lounge wear. The 3 best travel pants for women - tried and tested!

    Finding the perfect pair of women’s travel pants is no easy feat. But finding a pair of travel pants that are both functional AND cute? How about functional, cute, AND sized to fit on my tall, curvy Amazonian body? HA! Forget about it. How dare I have such unreasonable expectations?! But guess what: After trying on, returning, trying on again, and field-testing like crazy, I’ve found 3 absolutely amazing pairs of travel pants for women. They’ve changed my packing game, and I’m about to change

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  • 28 Totally Unnecessary Travel Gifts (That You’ll Low-Key Want)

    27 completely unnecessary travel gifts that you definitely don't need. Travel gag gifts that you low-key totally want!

    While there are roughly a zillion Travel Gift Lists out there all repeating the same generic gifting advice, there’s currently no list of travel gifts that you definitely DO NOT NEED. We decided to fill this glaring absence with the most useless, un-helpful, ridiculously unnecessary list of vaguely travel-related items. We spent HOURS combing the deepest corners of the web looking for these items to bring you the worst of the best of travel-related things that you absolutely don’t need at all but would be thrilled if someone else bought for you.

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  • What Not to Pack for Long Term Travel: 10 Things We Wish We Did & Didn’t Pack

    Packing for long term travel is an art. Or maybe a science. Either way, we made some mistakes. Here's 10 things we wish we did and didn't pack for our trip.

    Packing for long term travel: some people leave it until the last minute, but I spent months planning, researching, test-packing, and even in some cases, weighing every item for our trip. You’re probably not shocked to hear that there were spreadsheets and diagrams (If this was Harry Potter, my patronus would be a spreadsheet.) But even though I researched, re-researched, read countless blog posts about packing for long term travel and background checked the authors of the Amazon reviews I trusted (ok, that last part is a mild exaggeration), there were bound to be mistakes. I wish I’d known a little bit more about what not to pack for long term travel!