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  • 12 Delightful Things to Do in Prague in December & January

    Beautiful, snowy Prague in December!

    We fell head over heels in love with Europe in the winter last year. We decided there was nothing more romantic than exploring cobblestone streets and Christmas Markets together in the snow, walking in hand in hand both because it’s disgustingly cute and also to avoid slipping on ice and falling (we are both extremely clumsy). So when it came time to decide where we wanted to travel to for Christmas this year, it was a no-brainer. Prague is one of the most stunning cities in Europe, with the added bonus of being budget-friendly AND having Christmas Markets that stay open after New Years. Here’s our massive guide to visiting Prague in the winter!

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  • 12 Charming Things to Do in Copenhagen in Winter

    Copenhagen, Denmark in the winter is a magical holiday fairytale land full of Christmas cheer and hygge! Here's all the best things to do in Copenhagen in the winter.

    When we stepped off the plane in Copenhagen on a brisk December afternoon, we weren’t sure what to expect. We’d seen pictures of Europe in the winter, which had given us high expectations of fairytale castles dusted with snow, Christmas Markets filled with good cheer, and random carolers stumbling around drunk off of pudding or whatever like a scene from a Dickens
    Well, not only is Copenhagen the EXACT vision of that European Christmas dream that we had been unrealistically hoping for, but it’s somehow EVEN BETTER. There are the canals of Nyhavn dotted with colorful tall, thin houses, adorned with wreaths and pine boughs. A Christmas Market around every corner, wafting the tantalizing smells of gløgg and sizzling bratwurst and fluffy aebleskiver. Hygge floating around giving imaginary air-hugs in droves. Copenhagen is a holiday dream come true!

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  • 14 Adorably Romantic Things to do in Bruges, Belgium in Winter

    Romantic things to do in Bruges, Belgium! Celebrate Christmas in Bruges!

    Bruges, Belgium is the most ridiculously romantic little medieval town in Europe ever. You can barely take a step without being swept off your feet by swans, horse-drawn carriages, chocolate shops, little lace shops, and other insanely cutesy things worthy of a bad romance novel. It’s enough to make even the most unromantic couples feel a little bit frilly. Here’s our list of the most adorable things to do in Bruges in winter for couples!

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  • 10 Magical Things to do in Bremen, Germany in Winter

    Visit Bremen, Germany in the winter for a magical fairytale winter wonderland and some of the best German Christmas Markets!

    Bremen, Germany is a fairytale town – like, literally famous due to a fairy tale – that we’d actually never heard of before we began planning our trip to Europe. But we absolutely fell in love with Bremen! From adorable Christmas markets to stunning architecture, winter in Bremen is a magical holiday wonderland, filled with good cheer, delicious food and historic beauty.