Fun Things to Do in Fort Collins, Colorado



From Old Town to craft beer to ghosts to football to hiking to scenic drives to the Rocky Mountains, here's all the best things to do in Fort Collins.

1) Explore Old Town

Old Town Fort Collins is one of the prettiest and best-preserved downtowns you'll find anywhere in the country, with wide European style walkways strung with lights and surrounded by charming facades.

2) Brewery Hop

Fort Collins is home to and well known for its many breweries. From big names such as New Belgium, to smaller local breweries like Zwei Brewing Co, there's a brewery here - or nearby - for every palate.

3) Visit Horsetooth Mountain & Reservoir

When visiting Fort Collins, look West, and if you see a huge rock (basically the top of the mountain) that looks like a horse’s tooth, that’s it!

4) Go on an Outdoor Adventure

Poudre River Trail is a 21-mile long paved trail that meanders along the Cache la Poudre (pronounced pooh-der) River and through several large parks and wildlife areas.

5) Take a Scenic Drive

The scenic drive begins in Fort Collins on U.S. Highway 287, heads northwest until it intersects with Colorado Highway 14 in Bellvue, then winds up the rugged and scenic Cache la Poudre River Canyon.

6) Eat Pizza

Fort Collins has some AMAZING pizza. It’s my favorite food and I’m picky about my pizza.

7) Play Vintage Arcade Games

Pinball Jones is one of my favorite date spots in Fort Collins. It’s an arcade and a bar. How much better can that get?

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