Romantic Things to Do in Prague for Couples this Winter


As the snow begins to fall and a chill settles into the air, Prague awakens from its summer slumber and transforms into a breathtakingly magical winter wonderland.

For couples seeking a romantic getaway filled with romance, charm and beauty amidst the cold winter months, Prague delivers endless opportunities to creating lasting memories together. 

We’ve compiled this very long and very detailed guide to the best things to do in Prague in winter.

Go Ice Skating

The ice rinks in Prague are free, but you’ll have to pay to rent ice skates unless you’re the kind of person who brings ice skates along on vacation, in which case color us impressed.

Warm Up with a Czech Beer

Prague is cold, and beer makes you feel warm and bubbly inside. So head to a pub and get a pint of pivo (that’s Czech for beer).

Eat Traditional Czech Meals

A delicious Trdelnik, one of the yummiest treats you'll find at Czech Christmas Markets. It might not be traditional, but it is delicious.

Discover Prague’s History in its Museums

The National Museum of Prague is probably it's most famous. Explore the rich history of Prague in several buildings at Wenceslas Square!

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