A Complete Guide to Skiing in Salt Lake City


With an abundance of outdoor activities, world-class ski resorts and unparalleled powdery snow, it's no wonder that Salt Lake City is fast becoming one of the most popular ski destinations in the US.

From where to stay, which mountains to explore and what other activities are available once you've finished hitting the slopes, we've rounded up all the need-to-know information so that this season can be like no other!

When do Salt Lake City ski resorts open for the season?

The typical ski season at Salt Lake City resorts lasts about 5 months. Generally speaking, they open from late November/early December until late April/early May of the next year.

To give you an idea of how epic the snow is at the Salt Lake City ski resorts, this photo of me snow-shoeing at Solitude Mountain Resort was taken in April. Psst: I didn't have to rent snow boots because I was wearing my favorite winter boots! They're amazing.

Brighton Resort

If you’re trying to hone your skills, Brighton is the place for you. There are several connecting Green routes (Upper/Lower Mary, Easy Street, Same Street) that will take riders down (AND UP!) hills, zipping across the main mountain.

Solitude Mountain Resort

The name is not a coincidence; I saw less than a dozen other patrons in the short time I was there. Luckily you’re not completely alone (because being stranded on a snowy mountain is my worst nightmare), because they have an impressive amount of staff around the grounds.

We also have tips on what to pack for a skiing trip to Salt Lake City as well as the best places to eat and stay!

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