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  • 8 Incredible Weekend Getaways in Indiana

    Indiana is a state full of surprises. In this one (very tall) Midwestern state, you can find sugar sand beaches, lakeside resorts, giant sand dunes, ancient burial grounds, ski resorts, German villages, and vineyards. Pretty impressive for just one state, right? I am a proud Hoosier (AND a proud Kentuckian – a rare coexistence). I LOVED attending college in Bloomington – my personal favorite destination in Indiana, centrally located within a several hours drive of many amazing Indiana getaways. I explored Indiana on weekends and holidays, venturing as far north as the South Shore and as far south as Evansville. From the northern shoreline of Lake Michigan to the southern border with my hometown on the Ohio River, Indiana is filled with hidden gems to explore.  Here are 8 of my favorite weekend getaways in Indiana!

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  • Travel Blogging Income Report: How I Made $22,000 in my First Full Year

    I earned $22,000 in my first full year of travel blogging. Here's how I earned it, and how you can monetize your blog, too!

    Have you ever wondered, “can you actually make money travel blogging?” (Don’t be shy, you’re only the zillionth person who’s asked me that). Happily, the answer is yes! In my first full year of travel blogging, I earned $22,000. The growth I saw was enough for me to quit my job and commit to blogging full time. Here’s how I monetized my travel blog, and how I’m planning to double my earnings next year in my first year of full time travel blogging!

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  • Glamping Near San Francisco: A Romantic Russian River Getaway Itinerary

    A romantic weekend itinerary for a glamping trip in Guerneville, Northern California. Wine tasting, redwoods, road trippin' down Highway One on the West Coast, and more!

    Redwoods. Vineyards. Mountain towns nestled in pine trees. Scenic coastal views. Otters. Sea lions. Ponies, for some reason? Fresh oysters. It kinda sounds like I’m describing a bunch of different locations, doesn’t it? Nope: I’m describing one small destination in Northern California, located just a couple of hours north of San Francisco. It’s the PERFECT romantic weekend getaway from San Francisco!

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  • 12 Delightful Things to Do in Prague in December & January

    Beautiful, snowy Prague in December!

    We fell head over heels in love with Europe in the winter last year. We decided there was nothing more romantic than exploring cobblestone streets and Christmas Markets together in the snow, walking in hand in hand both because it’s disgustingly cute and also to avoid slipping on ice and falling (we are both extremely clumsy). So when it came time to decide where we wanted to travel to for Christmas this year, it was a no-brainer. Prague is one of the most stunning cities in Europe, with the added bonus of being budget-friendly AND having Christmas Markets that stay open after New Years. Here’s our massive guide to visiting Prague in the winter!

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  • The 3 Best Travel Pants for Women: Functional, Cute, & Field-Tested

    Travel jeans. Hiking pants. Travel lounge wear. The 3 best travel pants for women - tried and tested!

    Finding the perfect pair of women’s travel pants is no easy feat. But finding a pair of travel pants that are both functional AND cute? How about functional, cute, AND sized to fit on my tall, curvy Amazonian body? HA! Forget about it. How dare I have such unreasonable expectations?! But guess what: After trying on, returning, trying on again, and field-testing like crazy, I’ve found 3 absolutely amazing pairs of travel pants for women. They’ve changed my packing game, and I’m about to change

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  • 50 Perfect Gifts for Every Type of Travel Lover (& for yourself)

    50 perfect gifts for every travel lover on your list! Or just like, yourself. We won't judge.

    We scoured the web to find the best 50 gifts for travel lovers! This gift list is partially to help you shop for your friends, and partially just travel stuff I want other people to buy for me. Let’s just be honest: you’re gonna want all of this stuff for yourself too. No judgement, y’all – treat yo’self! So here is our travel gift guide for every kind of traveler on your list, which is yourself, mostly, and maybe a couple other people, I guess (wink-wink). Get your wish list ready cuz you’re about to add a whole bunch of goodies to it!

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  • Backpacking Ecuador: Itinerary for 1 Incredible Month

    A full itinerary for 1 month of backpacking Ecuador with details for each Ecuador destination!

    We spent a month backpacking through Ecuador, and we LOVED exploring this small but incredibly diverse, insanely beautiful country. From the high altitude metropolitan city of Quito, to the animal refuge of the Galapagos Islands, to the adventure town of Banos, to the high mountain regions of the Andes, to the Amazon Rainforest – and that’s just like, a really short summary highlight reel – there are so many incredible places to go in Ecuador! Plus, Ecuador is home to all of our favorite things: really good chocolate, llamas, stunning mountains, alpacas, volcanoes, llamas & alpacas, and sea lions. What more could you want?!!  From swimming with sea lions to hiking in the Andes to sleeping in a hobbit hole at the foot of a volcano to white water rafting to swimming in giant natural thermal baths at the foot of a waterfall, this itinerary is chock full of amazing things to do in Ecuador that we really, really, really want to go back and do again.

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  • Off-Season Road Trip Through France: What Not to Do

    What not to do on a France road trip through Bordeaux, Avignon, Seillans, Provence, and the French Riviera!

    Our off-season road trip through France was always doomed. It’s not just that Jeremy and I seem to attract disaster like magnets made of whatever the opposite of disaster is. But we have particularly awful luck when it comes to cars. But here we were, renting one in France in January. What could go wrong? … Everything, of course. This is the story of our doomed French road trip. Or as I like to call it, the story of the time we ran a BMW into into a medieval castle.

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  • 28 Totally Unnecessary Travel Gifts (That You’ll Low-Key Want)

    27 completely unnecessary travel gifts that you definitely don't need. Travel gag gifts that you low-key totally want!

    While there are roughly a zillion Travel Gift Lists out there all repeating the same generic gifting advice, there’s currently no list of travel gifts that you definitely DO NOT NEED. We decided to fill this glaring absence with the most useless, un-helpful, ridiculously unnecessary list of vaguely travel-related items. We spent HOURS combing the deepest corners of the web looking for these items to bring you the worst of the best of travel-related things that you absolutely don’t need at all but would be thrilled if someone else bought for you.

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  • 12 Charming Things to Do in Copenhagen in Winter

    Copenhagen, Denmark in the winter is a magical holiday fairytale land full of Christmas cheer and hygge! Here's all the best things to do in Copenhagen in the winter.

    When we stepped off the plane in Copenhagen on a brisk December afternoon, we weren’t sure what to expect. We’d seen pictures of Europe in the winter, which had given us high expectations of fairytale castles dusted with snow, Christmas Markets filled with good cheer, and random carolers stumbling around drunk off of pudding or whatever like a scene from a Dickens
    Well, not only is Copenhagen the EXACT vision of that European Christmas dream that we had been unrealistically hoping for, but it’s somehow EVEN BETTER. There are the canals of Nyhavn dotted with colorful tall, thin houses, adorned with wreaths and pine boughs. A Christmas Market around every corner, wafting the tantalizing smells of gløgg and sizzling bratwurst and fluffy aebleskiver. Hygge floating around giving imaginary air-hugs in droves. Copenhagen is a holiday dream come true!

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  • The Cataract Falls Hike Disaster: Hiking in the Bay Area, California

    Our disastrous hike of beautiful Cataract Falls in Marin, California.

    This is the story of our very first hiking disaster: the first time we ever attempted to casually complete a hike only for it to go horribly, terrible, very very wrong. Learn from our mistakes, laugh at our stupidity, and learn what to do if you find yourself bawling on the edge of a cliff miles away from civilization. But the real moral of the story here is never listen to Jeremy
    when it comes to hiking.

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  • Our Year-Long Honeymoon: What Happened … & How Much It Cost

    Our year long honeymoon is officially over. And for the first time, we’re telling the full story. What happened? How much did it all cost? From where we went to our worst travel disasters to the time my grandfather tried to fake his own death (like .. I can’t make this stuff up, you guys), here are all the juicy, ridiculous details from our year long trip!

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  • The Ultimate Self-Guided Walking Tour of Lower Manhattan: A Local’s Guide

    A self-guided walking tour of Lower Manhattan including Tribeca, the Hudson River park, the 9/11 Memorial, Battery Park, and the Bloody Angle.

    This self guided walking tour of NYC covers 4.6 miles and takes you through Tribeca, the Financial District, the South Street Seaport, and a smidge of Chinatown! You’ll see Tribeca, the waterfront, the 9/11 Memorial, the Statue of Liberty, Battery Park, Wall Street, and the little-known “Bloodiest Street in America,” complete with hidden underground tunnels. And because we’re literally never not eating, we also included brunch, dinner, drinks, and even dessert 😉

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  • 30 Things Nobody Tells You About San Francisco: A Mildly Helpful Local’s Guide

    30 things nobody tells you about San Francisco, California: a local's mildly helpful guide.

    Don’t call it Frisco. The fog is named Karl. You can be naked in public. There’s a herd of bison on the park. There are so many weird, unique things about San Francisco that totally threw me when I moved to this odd little microcosm, expecting to find some kind of cross between New York and Los Angeles (lol, no). I could not have been more unprepared for the culture shock I experienced: San Francisco is a city unlike any other in the United States. So I thought I’d take a stab at depicting this amazing place in the only way I know how: with a mildly helpful guide to random stuff nobody tells you about San Francisco.