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  • 25 Weird, Wacky, and Offbeat Museums in Brussels, Belgium

    The Spontaneous Art Museum. The Museum of Fantastic Art. The Art Deco Clock Museum. The Sewers Museum. 25 wonderfully weird museums in Brussels!

    Brussels, Belgium is home to a bunch of really weird, quirky, totally offbeat museums. In Brussels, museums aren’t just places to learn about art and culture and history. Museums in Brussels can also be places to drink beer, eat chocolate, get sort of creeped out, wander through the sewers, have your mind blown, explore conspiracy theories, and see a lot of dicks. (Don’t worry. They’re art dicks. So it’s educational.)Let us take you on a journey through the best museums in Brussels – both conventional and totally weird.

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  • 14 Adorably Romantic Things to do in Bruges, Belgium in Winter

    Romantic things to do in Bruges, Belgium! Celebrate Christmas in Bruges!

    Bruges, Belgium is the most ridiculously romantic little medieval town in Europe ever. You can barely take a step without being swept off your feet by swans, horse-drawn carriages, chocolate shops, little lace shops, and other insanely cutesy things worthy of a bad romance novel. It’s enough to make even the most unromantic couples feel a little bit frilly. Here’s our list of the most adorable things to do in Bruges in winter for couples!

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  • The Brussels Beer and Chocolate Tour

    The Brussels Beer & Chocolate Tour: why choose just one? This Brussels food tour combines the best of both worlds!

    It’s no secret that we love a good food tour when exploring a new place. Food tours are the best way to explore a city on foot while learning about its culture and history, in between stuffing yourself with as much excellent local food as you can stand. So we couldn’t leave Brussels without doing a Belgian food tour that focused on our two favorite Belgian icons: beer and chocolate (sorry, Jean Claude Van Damme). Luckily, The Brussels Journey created a tour that combines the best of 2 worlds: the Brussels Beer and Chocolate Tour! Get you a tour that can do both.