1. Lems are also a great barefoot option, lasted 1 year of travel and hiking for us!

    • You know, we just bought a whole bunch of Lems to test out and I wasn’t really a fan. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by my Vivobarefoots, but the soles on Lems just felt really thick and clunky and not that flexible – more like a regular shoe than a barefoot shoe, and not as good for packing up and rolling away in a backpack (also not as cute, haha). Jeremy liked his more than I did, though – he kept a pair of Lems boots and a pair of sneakers which he’s working on testing out. Maybe they’ll make it into this post after we’ve taken them on a few trips!

  2. No good pics of the shoe. Didn’t bother to pick through your stories I want to know the name of and see the product in the article

    • Thanks for your feedback, Evo. Which shoe do you mean? We have photos of all of the shoes we reviewed in the post, during actual trips that we took them on to test them out. We aren’t selling a product, we’re just here to provide you with our opinions and hope that they’re helpful for you in making a decision about which shoe to buy!

  3. Great tips for shoes for every activity. I travel often and these suggestions will help me to be prepared. I loved the shots are you guys putting your shoes to the test. thanks!

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