12 Charming Things to Do in Copenhagen in Winter

Copenhagen, Denmark in the winter is a magical holiday fairytale land full of Christmas cheer and hygge! Here's all the best things to do in Copenhagen in the winter.

When we stepped off the plane in Copenhagen on a brisk December afternoon, we weren’t sure what to expect. We’d seen pictures of Europe in the winter, which had given us high expectations of fairytale castles dusted with snow, Christmas Markets filled with good cheer, and random carolers stumbling around drunk off of pudding or whatever like a scene from a Dickens novel.

But we all know that Instagram and Pinterest aren’t necessarily the most accurate depictions of a destination, right? So we were cautiously optimistic. Maybe Copenhagen would be cute; maybe it would be freezing and miserable. We would soon find out.

Well, let me set your curiosity at ease straight away: not only is Copenhagen the EXACT vision of that European Christmas dream that we had been unrealistically hoping for, but it’s somehow EVEN BETTER. There are the canals of Nyhavn dotted with colorful tall, thin houses, adorned with wreaths and pine boughs. A Christmas Market around every corner, wafting the tantalizing smells of gløgg and sizzling bratwurst and fluffy aebleskiver. Hygge floating around giving imaginary air-hugs in droves.

Copenhagen is a holiday dream come true!

Welcome to Copenhagen, aka Christmaslandia. In November and December, Copenhagen is a magical winter wonderland!
Welcome to Copenhagen, aka Christmaslandia. In November and December, Copenhagen is a magical winter wonderland!

We felt like rambunctious youths in any 90’s movie about Christmas, waking up to a Christmas tree the size of my current apartment, stuffed with presents that probably total up to roughly half the value of our student loans, chubby-cheeked and sparkly-eyed and ready to kick the butt of any evil criminal who dared stand between us and literal Santa Claus.

From the time the sun rises at around 9am – which is, conveniently, also our preferred wake-up time – to when it sets at 3pm – also conveniently, the time we get tired of exploring and want to go sit around in PJs watching Netflix – visiting Copenhagen in winter was everything that we California kids had DREAMED of.

And now, as we sit sadly stuffed into our Christmas tree-less apartment (because it’s too small) which doesn’t even have any wrapped presents (because we spent all of our money on travel, whoops) we’re going to re-live our favorite December destination in the hopes that you, dear reader, will venture out and explore gorgeous Copenhagen in the winter so we can live vicariously through your Instagram photos. Here are all of the best things to do in Copenhagen in winter!

Psst: We have a couple more posts about visiting Copenhagen in the winter! If you’re planning a trip, you’ll definitely want to take a look at these.

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Visiting Frederiksborg Castle is one of the best day trips from Copenhagen in the winter!
Visiting Frederiksborg Castle is one of the best day trips from Copenhagen in the winter!

What to Wear in Copenhagen in Winter

Copenhagen in the winter is cold, and sunlight lasts only from about 9am until 4pm. You’ll want to layer up every day. Luckily, winter layering is the perfect vehicle for adorable accessories like scarves and hats! Here are our recommendations for clothing that’s both functional AND super cute to wear in Copenhagen in the winter!

  • Warm Walking Boots: Do not skimp on your shoes for your trip to Copenhagen in the winter! This is a walking city and it will be COLD, so you need to have shoes that are up to the task. We recommend boots that can withstand ice or snow, are totally waterproof, and are comfortable enough to walk in for HOURS, especially on uneven cobblestone. Sounds darn near impossible, right? Well, it’s not. We’re OBSESSED with our winter boots (and yes, we both have the same ones. Because we’re kinda gross like that). They’re cute, they’re insanely comfortable, they’re waterproof leather and lined with shearling to keep your toes toasty warm, and they’re extremely lightweight and foldable so you can stuff them in your bag when you travel. Oh, and they have thin and flexible soles that let your feet function as if you were walking around in freezing cold Copenhagen completely barefoot!  Note: you might find yourself in need of some calf strengthening if you’re not used to barefoot-style soles. We can’t recommend these boots enough. They’re made to last and they’re worth every cent – we wore them for 2 months straight in frigid wintry Europe and never suffered a cold or sore foot! Plus, they’re cute AF. Here are my boots and Jeremy’s boots.
  • Wool Socks: Make sure you don’t just have run-of-the-mill acrylic socks. They won’t keep your feet warm while you’re exploring Copenhagen! Make sure you get socks with wool blended in, like these or these. Or if you like plain socks, these.
  • Wool Leggings:These super comfy 100% wool leggings function just like long underwear. Except they’re made of soft, super-luxurious wool instead of cheap polyester, and make your legs feel like they’re being hugged by an extremely soft sheep. I wore a pair of these under my pants every single day and they kept me toasty warm (without being too hot)! Jeremy has this pair, too.
  • Wool Undershirt: Laying is crucial when it’s this cold. My favorite way to make sure I stay warm all day is to put a warm layer of wool on before everything else. This is the wool cami I wear, and this is the wool tshirt Jeremy wears.
  • Day Bag: I carried this day bag with me every single day packed with my packable down jacket, an extra pair of gloves, and anything else I needed for the day – a notebook, a water bottle, an endless supply of snacks, whatever. Jeremy carried our camera in this bag along with his packable down jacket and scarf.
  • Warm Hat: A warm hat is an absolute necessity in chilly Copenhagen. It also doubles as a super cute accessory! You want a hat that will stay on your head even in blustery gusts of wind, so stay away from those wool felt ~travel girl types of hats and stick with reliable beanies. Personally I’m a fan of the ones with poofs on top, like this or this. Jeremy is more of a purist, and likes to wear beanies like this or this. To keep your head AND your face warm (and also ensure that nobody will ever talk to you) get this Cthulu Hat. And then send me pictures of you wearing it, please.
  • Warm Jacket: I brought 2 jackets with me to Europe: a beautiful camel-colored A-line wool coat like this one that kept me incredibly warm and looked amazing in all of my pictures, and a travel-friendly packable down jacket that I kept stuffed in my daypack in case I needed an extra layer! Jeremy wore a peacoat like this one (or this one, or this one).
  • Scarves: I LOVE a chunky scarf. They’re my favorite accessory! And you will absolutely need a good scarf in Copenhagen. I’m a big fan of scarves that are big enough to double as blankets, like this one or this one. Infinity scarves are super convenient because they don’t slip off too. I love these because they come with matching hats!
  • Gloves: Don’t go outside in Copenhagen without gloves on! You will regret it. I love these 100% wool gloves that work with touchscreens – they look simple, but they get the job done! For colder days, stick a pair of these silk glove liners in your coat pocket just in case.

What to Do in Copenhagen in Winter

Exploring one of the many Copenhagen Christmas Markets! Copenhagen in the winter is an absolute fairytale.
Exploring one of the many Copenhagen Christmas Markets! Copenhagen in the winter is an absolute fairytale.

Soak up Holiday Cheer at Christmas Markets

Yes, duh. This is our first suggestion for what to do in Copenhagen in winter because it’s THE BEST thing to do in Copenhagen in winter! We experienced our very first Christmas Markets ever here, and we’ve been hooked ever since!

As you browse the stalls of adorable Christmas gifts and crafts, be sure to pick up a steaming mug of Gløgg: sweet mulled Danish wine with raisins and almonds. For an even stronger cup of Gløgg, you can add rum. #YOLO. We’ve got a list of our favorite Copenhagen Christmas Market foods in our Copenhagen Holiday Food Guide.

There are loads of options for Christmas Markets in Copenhagen (here’s the full list). Here are our faves:

  • Julemarked (German Style) | Address: Højbro Plads, 1200 København K, Denmark
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Go Ice Skating

Ice Skating is the quintessential winter activity! There are a couple of public outdoor ice skating rinks in Copenhagen. Admission is free, but you’ll need to rent your ice skates by the hour (unless you’re the type of person who brings ice skates in their luggage, which we are not). We like ice skating because it’s the type of athletic activity that involves holding hands if you’re even slightly unathletic, which we both are. Somehow we still manage to fall on our butts ungracefully.

Exploring Frederiksborg Castle near Copenhagen, Denmark on a winter day. Visiting castles is one of the best day trips from Copenhagen in the winter!
Exploring Frederiksborg Castle near Copenhagen, Denmark on a winter day. Visiting castles is one of the best day trips from Copenhagen in the winter!

Take a Day Trip from Copenhagen to Visit Fairytale Castles

Fairytale castles topped our list of must-see places in Europe in winter, and we jumped on the chance to take a day trip from Copenhagen to visit them! Denmark was once a thriving monarchy with loads of enormous castles, one of which was even immortalized in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. We think venturing out to see the castles is one of the best day trips from Copenhagen in winter.

There are plenty of Copenhagen castle tours that will take you to visit stunning Frederiksborg and Kronberg (of Hamlet fame) in a group tour, like this one.

Or, if you’re more of the DIY type, here’s a guide to seeing the castles on your own on a self-guided day trip from Copenhagen. Just leave early: we reached Kronberg Castle just as it was getting dark (around 4pm), only to discover that the entire castle was lit with nothing more than candles and the whole thing was closing soon on account of pitch darkness. We did have just enough time to tour the castle and discover that, to our delight, there was a Christmas Market hiding inside (because of course there was)!

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Relax in a Hot Sauna

What’s more Nordic than a steamy sauna in the dead of winter? Answer: nothing. We Americans may not have the tolerance for winter chill like our Viking friends, but we can certainly appreciate the appeal of a hot bath when it’s chilly out! Copenhagen embraces this tradition wholeheartedly, and one of the best things to do in Copenhagen in winter is to get yourself to a relaxing sauna and spa.

There are plenty of options for saunas in Copenhagen. But our favorite is the adorably named CopenHot. Seasonally open CopenHot offers like, a zillion options for spa-seeking visitors on Copenhagen’s waterfront: there’s scenic spas with panoramic water views, giant wooden tubs of hot water, and even sailing spas. Yes, like, a boat full of spa. On the open water. So. Epic.

  • CopenHot | Address: Sankt Annæ Pl. 31, 1250 København K, Denmark
Admiring the Christmas cheer at magical Tivoli Gardens in Copenagen, Denmark
Admiring the Christmas cheer at magical Tivoli Gardens in Copenagen, Denmark. Here’s a bonus tip: avoid bright blue gloves if you don’t want to look like you’re half muppet in your photos.

Explore a Winter Wonderland in Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens is one of Copenhagen’s claims to fame, and it’s a winterland fairytale in November and December. The amusement park has been sitting smack dab in the middle of Copenhagen since 1843, making it the 2nd oldest amusement park in the world. Take that, Disney World! During the winter, Tivoli transforms into a massive Christmas Market. We spent a full day exploring and wandering around, hand in hand. We didn’t even go on any rides – it was just so beautiful!

  • Tivoli Gardens | Address: Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 København V, Denmark | Entrance: 110dk each

Tips for Visiting Tivoli Gardens in Winter

  • As with any good Christmas market, there is plenty of delicious holiday food! We shared a gløgg with aebleskiver. Don’t forget to save some crumbs to feed the flock of ducks that hangs out in the pond! Read up on the best holiday foods in Copenhagen.
  • Visit mid-day to avoid crowds. Not only is the lighting better for your adorable Instagram photos, but you’ll spend a lot less time waiting in line for rides, food – everything! We visited around noon and the park was blissfully sparse – but as soon as the sun set around 4pm, the crowds arrived. To ensure you don’t spend your time freezing in line to enter the park, get a skip-the-line ticket!
  • The best bathroom in Tivoli is in Nimb, the hotel that leads into the park. Walk inside like you own the place, take the elevator, and head to the basement. You’ll find the bathrooms by the gym. You’re welcome.

Fun Fact: the #1 oldest amusement park in the world, Dyrehavsbakken (Bakken for short) is also in Denmark,  just a quick 30 minute train ride away. It’s 431 years old, so not exactly high-tech – everything is made of wood and held together with ye olde cement. Also, it’s in the woods and surrounded by deer, which is adorable. Unfortunately, it isn’t open during the winter months. Which is why this is a fun fact, and not a thing to do in Copenhagen in the winter!

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Stroll Down Kronprinsensgade

During our trip to Copenhagen in December, we kept randomly stumbling onto streets that had been all dressed up in Christmas cheer. We didn’t know when or where to expect them, but we’d turn a corner and suddenly be transported into a magical holiday wonderland. It was like Narnia, except with streets instead of wardrobes. And no talking animals. … Or even queens. In related news, we’re now accepting guest metaphor writers. Ahem.

Copenhagen has no shortage of pedestrian-only streets, and Kronprinsensgade is one of the most beautiful! During the winter, the street gets all gussied up in long strands of holiday lights that are both magical and totally Instagramable.

Gorgeous Nyavn with its famously colorful buildings is home to a Christmas Market in November and December!
Gorgeous Nyavn with its famously colorful buildings is home to a Christmas Market in November and December!

Fall in Love With Nyhavn

If you’ve ever looked at pictures of Copenhagen, you’ve seen Nyhavn. The colorful port is the most recognizable icon of Copenhagen! But during the winter months of November and December, Nyhavn becomes transformed from your typical run-of-the-mill picture perfect boat-lined colorful canal (I’m kidding, there is nothing typical about Nyhavn) to a Christmas wonderland! Christmas Markets line the canal on one side, and each boat is decorated with holiday decorations. If you want to go all in, take a tour of the Carlsberg Brewery – a horse-drawn carriage ride down the canals is included with your entry. Because of course it is.

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Stuff Your Face at Food Markets

Ah, food markets. How I love thee. Food markets are like combining my favorite activity, eating, with my other favorite activity: looking for food I want to eat. They’re like a mall, except instead of clothing, you’re browsing for fresh cheese and roast duck and extremely specific kinds of charcuterie.

The food markets in Copenhagen are the perfect place to warm up and stuff your face with local delicacies, especially during the holiday season! You can even take a Copenhagen Christmas food tour,  like this one.

Here are our favorite food markets in Copenhagen:


Torvehallarne is one of the best food markets we’ve ever been to! And we’re like, really into food markets, so that’s saying a lot.  We’ve got a full write-up of what to eat in Torvehallerne here, but these are our top 3 picks:

  • Ma Poule:  Home of the best sandwich in Copenhagen: the famous duck confit sandwich! Made with arugula and spicy mustard. Delicious! Also, a great selection of charcuterie and cheese. Details
  • Gorm’s: The best pizza in the city! We tried a Danish Christmas pizza, and it was heavenly. Website
  • Hallernes Smørrebrød: All Smørrebrød, all the time. Hallernes has a huge selection of delicious looking Smørrebrød, from smoked eel to liver pate to classic herring.  At least, we think that’s what they were – we couldn’t find an English menu! We ordered Roast Beef (or whatever Roast Beef actually means in Danish) and it was heavenly. Website

Paper Island

Paper Island Street Food Market is where you should go when you’re extremely hungry but not sure exactly what you want to eat. It’s basically a huge warehouse filled with colorful ethnic street food trucks from around the world (Colombian! Turkish! Moroccan! Korean!) all decked out in an anti-establishment, ultra-cool vibe. We’ve got a write-up of our favorite stalls in Paper Island here, but these are our top 3 picks:

  • Creme Brulee Donut:  OK, I couldn’t find the name of the stall. But just look for a sign that says “Creme Brulee Donut.” You’d think it’s just a donut filled with creme brulee cream, but no: the donut itself is actually rolled in sugar and torched right in front of your eyes, making it a crispy, sugary little piece of heaven!
  • The Spoon Company: Stick-to-your-ribs Danish stews and soups, made with hearty ingredients. We tried the Venison stew with fresh currants, and it was absolutely perfect on a chilly day.
  • Copper & Wheat: Try the duck and arugula sandwich on brioche with crispy duck-fat fries.

For more drool-worthy Danish holiday foods, read our yummy guide to Holiday Food in Copenhagen!

Hygge and free hot chocolate in front of Frederiksborg Castle in Copenhagen Denmark.
Hygge and free hot chocolate in front of Frederiksborg Castle in Copenhagen Denmark. Like, possibly the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.

Hot Drinks & Hygge

There is just something about a steaming mug of something on a cold winter’s day that gives you that warm, fuzzy-tummy feeling known in Danish as Hygge.

We got our first real taste of Hygge as we were on my way to see a fairytale castle. We were walking through the adorable town of Hillerød when a couple of cherub-cheeked Danes in front of a tiny windmill handed us each a free cup of hot chocolate Ever the skeptical Americans, we were like, “why, though?”

“Just to promote the Christmas Spirit,” they chirped happily.

That may have been the exact moment when I fell madly in love with Denmark. Just look at how happy I am in that picture! I never knew the meaning behind all those pictures of women staring longingly at Pumpkin Spice Lattes before this moment, but now I get it: it’s hygge.

Hygge is a HUGE part of Danish culture. Take a Hygge & Happiness tour to learn all about hygge and get deeply in touch with your inner cozy side. 

Or, get your hygge on with a cup of coffee and an almond croissant from Democratic Coffee, which also happens to be in the most beautiful library we’ve ever seen (you can also check out any of these gorgeous coffee shops).

Not much of a coffee drinker? Pick up an incredible hot chocolate from Conditori La Glace, the oldest (and probably best, according to their adorably modest website) confectionery in Denmark. If you’re a hot chocolate connoisseur, here’s a bunch more options.

The Best Things to Eat in Copenhagen in Winter (& Where to Eat Them!)

Warm Up in a Free Museum

Sure, most of the things on this list are outdoor activities. But what about when you’re just freezing and want to warm up? That’s when you should plan to duck indoors for a while. Luckily, Copenhagen has a bunch of museums that are totally free! So you warm up while you’re learning things and pretending to be super cultured. You class act, you!

Here is a list of free museums in Copenhagen. You can also get free or discounted entrance to a ton of museums with the Copenhagen Card!

Don’t forget to stop by the gorgeous Black Diamond Library to warm up with a book – or a tour!

  • The Royal LibraryAddress: Black Diamond, Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1, 1221 København K, Denmark
This is actually Tivoli Gardens. Its really hard to get a picture of the lights all lit up at night! But trust me, it is ALL this beautiful!
This is actually Tivoli Gardens. It’s really hard to get a picture of the lights all lit up at night! But trust me, it is ALL this beautiful!

Visit Kongens Nytorv

Kongens Nytorv, also known as “The King’s Square,” is the largest square in Copenhagen. Visit Kongens Nytorv in late November or December and you’ll be treated to  some of the best Christmas displays in all of Copenhagen. The stunning Hotel D’angleterre and the Magasin Du Nord department store right next door deck themselves out with Christmas displays that will have you humming Christmas carols even though we all know Christmas carols are horrible and they serve no purpose other than getting stuck in your head and driving you crazy for months at a time.

There’s also, of course, an ice skating rink and a Christmas Market. Of course.

To reach Kongens Nytorv, wander down adorable Strøget, which is another one of Copenhagen’s famous pedestrian-only street. The street itself is lined with stores, which isn’t something we care much about, but it’s also decorated with adorable hanging decorations like pine boughs and lit-up hearts.

If you’re feeling hungry, duck into the uber Danish Royal Smushi Cafe for some smørrebrød and hygge.

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Take a Walking Tour of Copenhagen

Spending the day walking around Copenhagen is a fantastic way to explore the city – and keep warm in the frigid winter weather! Copenhagen is an excellent walking city and seeing it on foot (or on bicycle) is the perfect way to take in the sights of this amazing city. Put on a pair of wool socks and walking shoes (be sure they can handle Copenhagen’s cobblestone streets) and you’ll be all warmed up in no time!

We spent a few hours wandering from our hostel up to the Little Mermaid. Our path took us right through Nyhavn up to Amalienborg Palace – just in time to see the changing of the guard –  and up into adorable Kastellet Park, too! Here are a few options for exploring Copenhagen on foot.

  • Guided Walking Tours of Copenhagen: There are some fantastic guided tours of Copenhagen which will give you an in-depth look at the city, like this one! Or join the Classic Copenhagen Tour, which starts at 11.00 am every day at the Copenhagen City Hall (bring cash to tip your guide).
  • Self-Guided Walking Tours of Copenhagen: The Wanderblogger has a fantastic self-guided walking tour of Copenhagen that actually starts at the Little Mermaid statue. You can also do the loop below.

Where to Stay in Copenhagen, Denmark

There are a lot of options for places to stay in Copenhagen! Here are our picks for any budget.

Budget: Ballin’

  • Hotel D’Angleterre: We mentioned this hotel already, as a must-visit in Kongens Nytorv. But if you want to surround yourself with the Christmas Spirit, why not just stay there?! It will be a one of a kind holiday experience, that’s for sure!
  • Skt. Petri:  Honestly, the views from the windows & the proximity to Torvehallarne alone are enough for me. But in addition, this gorgeous hotel has luxurious amenities for daysssss! If you gonna ball, ball hard.

Budget: Mid-Range

  • Hotel SP34: This gorgeous modern boutique hotel is located within walking distance to just about everything on our list! Plus, how killer are your Instagram photos going to look in those beautiful rooms?! Can the lobby just be my apartment?! I’m obsessed.
  • Grand Hotel: Comfortable and located smack dab in the center of everything, right next to Tivoli Gardens and the train station!

Budget: As Cheap as Possible

As budget travelers, we chose to stay in a hostel in Copenhagen, and we were pleasantly surprised by how many great choices there were! Just look at all these gorgeous hostels in Copenhagen. The hostels are all conveniently located and comfortable. You don’t have to stay in a dorm to benefit from the cozy social atmosphere or shared kitchen, either – these hostels have luxurious private rooms! Hostels in Copenhagen are an excellent budget accommodation option.

  • Generator Hostel Copenhagen: An award winning “luxury” hostel located just off of Kongens Nytorv. Great location, fantastic facilities, and friendly and helpful staff!
  • Copenhagen Downtown Hostel: This is where we stayed, and we definitely recommend it!  It’s certainly not “posh” or “luxury,” but it’s a darn good hostel. Awesome location, reasonably priced drinks and food (we ate dinner here nightly – SO budget friendly) and free walking tours, too!

Check pricing & availability for hotels in Copenhagen, Denmark!

Are you all inspired to spend Christmas in Copenhagen? Personally, I had to stop myself from booking a ticket while writing this post. I want to go back so bad!

Psst: We have a couple more posts about visiting Copenhagen in the winter! If you’re planning a trip, you’ll definitely want to take a look at these.

And also check out these awesome Copenhagen tours:

Looking for more amazing destinations for winter travel in Europe? Here are some of our favorites.

Hey, we want to hear from you: what gives you that Danish feeling of hygge? Drop us a comment below!


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Copenhagen, Denmark in the winter is a magical holiday fairytale land full of Christmas cheer and hygge! Here's all the best things to do in Copenhagen in the winter. Europe travel | Christmas travel | #Copenhagen

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    I have only been to Copenhagen in the summer, but I can see why it is perfect for Christmas. It kind of looks like the towns from those train sets. I am not a big cold weather person but will brave it for good reason, plus there is that sauna and museums to keep warm!

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  21. Joanna says: Reply

    I found your post extremely helpful. Thank you so much for sharing. Did you visit the old town of Aarhus (Gen Gamle By)? Is it possible to visit it in one day commuting from Copenhagen?

    1. I didn’t visit it! But now I want to! Come back & let us know 🙂

  22. Sophie says: Reply

    Such great pictures! The Christmas tree is absolutely gorgeous and I love your hat! So cute. Copenhagen looks beautiful this time of year.

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